Hi there,

I’m thinking about signing up to Pipechimp.
When a new person is added to Pipedrive, Zapier Zaps cannot transfer Custom Organization Field Values to MailChimp Lists… Can PipeChimp do it? And if so, how can I set it up?
More Info:
Zapier can first grab a person record data (step1), then grab data from the related organization data (Step 2), but  in step 3, it can’t grab values from any custom fields (i.e fields created by pipedrive user) in either person or organization records.
In my case, I am trying to segment a single mailchimp list according to industry types, (e.g automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace etc etc)…
I really hope that PipeChimp can pull custom field values, because if not, it will be impossible to segment lists without creating dozens of zaps, plus dozens of groups in Mailchimp.



Hello Dean,

Thank you for the question. 

Currently Pipechimp transfers only contact Persons custom fields to MailChimp but being able to add fields from organization is on our development backlog. Technically it is not difficult but we have to think it carefully through to fit all the clients. For example it’ll have huge impact for performance because the number of API calls will be multiplied and Pipedrive has API calls per second limitation. On the other hand this feature needs also field mapping feature because MailChimp has limited Merge fields count to 30. Anyway, we are analyzing this but I can’t promise any schedule for this.

With Zapier custom fields/data can be copied using Zapiers Code zap, but then it’ll have to be programmed with Java or PHP instead of just drag and drop. 

We make also tailored integrations for clients. If you are interested, please create a new ticket about the issue.