Will pipechimp allow me to just sync specific or multiple pipelines within pipedrive or do you export all to mailchimp and manage it there somehow? Victor


Hello Victor,
Thank you for the good question.
Pipechimp accounts are personal accounts and both the synced contacts to MailChimp and the selected pipeline when creating deals to Pipedrive are chosen by the Pipedrive API Key inserted to Pipechimp’s settings.

Let me divide this to two sections:

1. From Pipedrive to MailChimp
Pipechimp syncs all the contacts owned by the owner of the Pipedrive API Key. It will also copy the custom fields and if you want to group people in MailChimp you can add a custom field to Pipedrive.
If you have several salespersons and they have different pipelines you can also connect each one’s Pipechimp account to different lists in MailChimp.

2. From MailChimp to Pipedrive
When Pipechimp creates a deal to Pipedrive Pipechimp does it to the API Key owner’s default pipeline. Default Pipeline is the first in order on Pipedrive settings and you can change the order in Pipedrive. The deal is connected to the API Key owner, contact person and the company of contact person.
If the deal doesn’t belong to that default pipeline you can easily transfer it to another one in Pipedrive.
I hope that answered your question.