NOTE: I read through your Q&As related to the issue I am having, but none of the solutions mentioned worked for me. I am unable to get contact data from Pipedrive into Mailchimp.  Here is an overview of what I can confirm: • API is for sales rep that is also the registered user with same email/name in Pipechimp. I triple checked that this API is correct, too. • To be safe I created a brand new Mailchimp APIs to test in case one for not working as you mentioned in a reply to someone else. I even tried again with another new one, but still nothing. • My Mailchimp lists displayed properly in Pipechimp and I was able to select the correct new list I created to test your service. • Sales rep has had several new contacts added as well as updates to each of these contacts including new Won deals, phone change, name change, etc. • Next sync time is old and never change. Any tips? I have 8 users I will be adding once I can get this functioning properly. Let me know. Thanks. Mark


I tried to pass info from Pipedrive to Mailchimp.
I want to be able to move fields of contacts and use them for campaigns as merge tags.
I saw fields from pipedrive were added to merge fields but no users transformed.
In addition, after the first sync ut says it will do another one and did not. How do I transfer emails?


Hello Mark,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

When I tried to analyze this I saw that connecting to Pipedrive with your sales rep’s Pipedrive API key, Pipedrive returns response

“You need to be authorized to make this request.”.

Please check the Pipedrive API key once again and get back to me. If it still isn’t working, I’ll contact our Pipedrive support to resolve this.