I want to use Pipechimp to create leads in pipedrive based on mailchimp clicks and also for campaign data to be added to Pipedrive contact notes. However, I do not want 2-way sync of contacts between pipedrive and mailchimp because I am using PieSync for that purpose.

Is this possible? There was another similar question but I couldn’t tell if it was responsive to my need. Charles


I have the same problem though slightly tweaked. Right now, though, this lack of ability to control which contacts synchronize is going to prevent me from signing up for a paid account I think. 

I would like to use PipeChimp for synchronization BUT don’t want it to blindly synchronize my entire Pipedrive account. I just set up the trial and it is doing just that. The problem is that I am a one-man shop so I don’t have a second user that I can use to assign ownership of the other contacts to. I have a LOT of contacts in Pipedrive that are merely early awareness and aren’t yet applicable to be added to my mailing lists. Filtering in Mailchimp isn’t a good option because the thousands of extra contacts that I don’t need are going to bump up my mailchimp biling tier multiple steps. 

Right now I have one simple filter in Pipedrive and that is what I select to synchronize my contacts to Mailchimp. If PipeChimp could just support filter_id in their GET /persons call it would solve all of those problems, I think fairly easily. 

Now I need to go delete a ton of mailchimp contacts! Please feel free to email me w/ follow up questions. Jeremy


I have the same issue. How can I force stop the sync? Adrian


Hi Adrian,

In the future, Pipechimp will have better controls for that. As a workaround, you can input number 1 to MC and Pipedrive API-fields and because they are not correct API keys the sync will stop.


Hello Charles,

Pipechimp needs always its own sync from Pipedrive to Mailchimp because it uses certain fields to be able to create notes and deals correctly back to Pipedrive.

I have a question for you tough. Why do you want to use two products for sync between Pipedrive and MailChimp? I’m keen to know if there are something in PieSync that Pipechimp is lacking.


To be honest it seems like their service would be more reliable. 

Also, I can force sync the platforms which helps me know if it is working. Pipechimp is hard to test since I have to wait until the system runs itself.

Feel free to e-mail me and we can try to connect by phone. It’s possible PipeChimp meets all of our sync needs. Charles



I would really like to talk with You. I’ll send You an email


Hello Charles (and Jeremy),

This is a great idea for a feature. Pipechimp is relatively new service and so far we have been collecting customer feedback. At the moment we are planning our next version of Pipechimp so your feedback is very valuable. Next week we are opening dedicated section for improvement ideas where people can give and vote features for our next version. After all, we are building this service for you and our other clients.


Hi – I really need this. I store all leads in Pipedrive and have a daily email that goes out via Mailchimp. However, the leads I have in Pipedrive don’t necessarily know me until I have spoken to them and I don’t want to be sending them stuff via Mailchimp before they even know who they are. 

As it stands, I’m going to have to switch the integration off, as I can’t risk annoying leads before I’ve even had a chance to speak to them. Baz