Pipechimp automatically ads most of Pipedrive Custom Fields for People as Merge Fields to MailChimp. 

Copied fields are filtered by the field type. Copied types are:


Large text
Multiple options
Single option


These field types are selected because they can easily be used to segment MailChimp campaigns.

Pipechimp adds next basic information fields to MailChimp by default:

Email (Compulsory)
First Name
Last Name
Person Id
Company Id
Company name
Owner Id
Owner name
Owner email
Open deals
Next activity date
Last activity date
Won deals (number)
Lost deals (number)
Closed deals (number)
Total activities (number)
Done activities (number)
Activities to do (Number)
Email messages Count
Last email received (date)
Last email sent (date)
Person active flag (“true” if person is active, “false” if person is deleted in Pipedrive)

NOTE! Please don’t delete or edit the fields or data. It might affect the integration. Pipedrive is so called Data master and data in Pipedrive will override any changes made to MailChimp.

NOTE2! MailChimp limits field count to 30. Any fields over that count won’t be added to MailChimp.